Reverse Osmosis

Do You Know What's In Your water?

We do. With our reverse osmosis system, you can enjoy pure and great-tasting water. This advanced filtration system is installed directly into your sink or basement and will remove impurities, contaminants, and unpleasant odors, leaving you with crisp and clean drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis System

Millennium 35 Drinking Water System

Hellenbrand treated water is in perfect harmony with our lives, our homes, and the environment. It’s water the way nature intended, by reducing unwanted impurities. 

Our Millennium Drinking Water System provides you with proven technology and unmatched performance. You get healthy hydration , without the impurities generally associated with household tap water. We use multiple stages of filtration to remove virtually everything from your water that can affect its taste, smell and overall healthful benefits. 

Reverse Osmosis Setup

Additional Features: 

  • Simple maintenance: change your filters every 12-24  months, or ask us to come change them for you! 

  • Automatic shutoff tells the system when more water needs to be made, and when the storage tank is full 

  •  Delicious clean, clear, water at your fingertips.

  • Your Millenium Drinking Water System can be installed under your sink, in a cabinet or in your basement. Even an RV!!!

  • Costs only pennies a day.

  • You get healthy hydration, without the impurties generally associated with household tap water 


No installation fee
Take your R.O. Unit with you wherever you go
Easy filter replacement, we sell complete kits in-store!


Free servicing and repairs/replacements
We change your filters every 2 years no charge
Install a line to your refrigerator for crystal clear ice cubes and R.O. water.

Why Choose Reverse Osmosis?

Save money and the environment. Buying plastic bottles is not only expensive, but costly to our environment. Let us help with Reverse Osmosis. Help the planet by drinking R.O.

City water supply can contain chlorine, flourine, arsenic, radium, aluminum, copper, lead, mercury, hormones, nitrates and pesticides!

Cooking with R.O. tastes better. From coffee & tea to your favorite soups and sauces. Most city water is heavily treated with chlorine, changing the flavor and color of your food.

Give your pets the best quality of life with R.O. water. Not only does it benefit four-legged family members, it greatly benefits those who live under water! R.O. water is perfect for your tanks and aquariums.

This system can be installed in a variety of places, making it the most convenient way to get high quality water around your home or RV!

Reverse Osmosis can eliminate up to 99% of water contaminates. The four chamber system uses a series of filters to expel harmful things in your water.