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Drink Quality Water

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DeWitt Water Systems & Services if in the fight against Wyoming hard water issues. We water softeners available for all your clean water needs.

Hellenbrand treated water is in perfect balance and harmony with our lives, our homes and the enviornment. A Hellenbrand home enjoys water that brings health and vitality to your family. It's water the way nature intended it to be, free of unwanted minerals. 

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Achieve Aqualibrium 

Hellenbrand Water Softeners

Hellenbrand Water Softeners

Hellenbrand & Your Home
Our water systems are the best out there. Water conditioning systems can help you improve the longevity of your appliances, save you money and improve your health.
Promate 1  Series

Promate 1 Series

Our Promate 1 Series of water softeners are designed with that goal in mind. Providing you with proven technology and unmatched performance. We at DeWitt Water know first-hand. We know our competitors and nothing matches the HELLENBRAND Promate 1 SOFTENERS. It softens water naturally - resulting in water that's better for your hair, skin and nails, while gentler on your household pipes, appliances and fixtures. And the Promate 1 Series is specifically designed to use less energy and require less salt than other competitive brands.

With over 200 years of combined experience in the water conditioning industry, Hellenbrand is the first family of water treatment. And to make it all better - we're domestically owned and operated insuring quality every single time.

Achieve water in perfect balance and harmony. Achieve Aqualibrium with Hellenbrand.


Hellenbrand 8X44 Softener $1700.00 + tax Installed

Hellenbrand 9X48 Softener $1800.00+ tax Installed

Hellenbrand 10X44 Softener $1800.00 + tax Installed

Hellenbrand 10X54 Softener $2000.00 + tax Installed

Hellenbrand Promate 6 Softener $2200.00 + tax Installed

Hellenbrand ECOMAX $2500.00 + tax